Gratitude and Business - Not Contradictory in Nature

I've read a metric boatload of management, marketing, business development, workplace efficiency, and self-improvement books through the last 34 years, and I've learned some wonderful things as a result. But if I had to condense all of that down and offer one immediately actionable nugget of advice to managers and leaders of the AEC industry today, it would be this...

Expand the volume of gratitude in your life.

KSA Architecture Emergency Facilities

This week's project spotlight is the New Fire Station in Greenville, Texas!

KSA provided design services to provide a new, two-bay fire station for the City of Greenville, Texas. This station is approximately 4,175 square feet and is located near the downtown area to improve response times for emergency needs. The station is located on a corner site that allows the apparatus vehicles to return through the back of the building on a less populated street and leave directly out the front for emergency calls.


If You Want to be a Great Consulting Engineer or Architect, Listen to Your Grandparents

My grandparents passed away years ago, but I still have very fond memories of my time spent with them on their family ranch in East Texas.  My family and extended family hunted together, fished together, ate together, celebrated together, and generally enjoyed life together.  Times were different back then, but I believe there is a lot we can learn from our grandparents about being great consulting engineers and architects.


KSA’s annual shareholder meeting was held on January 25, 2018. Four new professionals were added to the company’s distinguished group of shareholders: Eric Hudson, P.E., P.L.S., Jeremy Orr, P.E., Dan Neelley, P.E., and Chris Wilde, P.E., CFM. 

Michael Shangreaux, EIT KSA

KSA Design Engineer, Michael Shangreaux, EIT, helped design, install and acquire funding for the first LED PAPI system in Texas at the Taylor Municipal Airport. “PAPI” stands for Precision Approach Path Indicator. PAPI systems are used by pilots as a visual guidance system on the ground that assists in landing their planes safely. As pilots approach the Taylor Municipal Airport, the LED PAPI system will use a combination of red and white lights to indicate if they are on the correct trajectory, or if they are too high or too low.