Chad Pennel Joins KSA

Saturday, March 25, 2017

KSA is pleased to welcome Chad Pennel, P.E. to our Aviation Services group. Working from our McKinney, Texas office, Chad will serve as a Regional Manager and Senior Project Manager. Chad’s interest in engineering spurred from a natural proclivity for math and science. Early in his career, Chad took a job working in the field at various airports, providing inspection and materials testing for aviation projects. He’s been working for airports for the last 19 years. With 22 years of total experience, Chad has designed engineering solutions for military airfields and civil airports ranging in size from small general aviation airports to large commercial service airports. His areas of expertise include airfield and landside pavement design, rehabilitation, and management; pavement condition assessments; airfield lighting, signage, and NAVAIDs; airfield perimeter security; airfield drainage, and construction management. He’s helped airports develop capital improvement programs, prepare grant applications, justify project eligibility for airport improvement projects (AIPs), and prepared overall development objective data sheets (ODOs).

Notable Know-How
Chad managed the design of a 22,000-square-yard taxiway project over a drainage ditch with problem soils. The bulk of the design was performed in approximately three weeks and involved seven different staff members. “Working on that project taught me, more than any project had before, the importance of having a good plan in place from the very beginning,” Chad mused.

While managing a failure analysis on an interlocking concrete paver taxiway at DFW Airport, the airport wanted to know why the taxiway had failed. It was challenging to determine the mode of failure because of how few interlocking concrete paver taxiways exist in the United States. “We had to get up to speed on how to design a taxiway using these materials before we could understand the potential causes of failure,” Chad said. “That was one of the most interesting projects I’ve ever managed.”

Chad is an excellent communicator who possesses the ability to work well with all types of people. He’s passionate about airports and wants to do all he can to see them flourish.

Chad Pennel
Regional Manager

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering
University of Missouri Rolla, 1997

Professional Licenses
Professional Engineer, TX #91114, 2003