KSA Wins AAAE Corporate Cup Award

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

KSA is the 2017 recipient of the Corporate Cup of Excellence, an award distributed by the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE). This honor was awarded today, in Long Beach, CA, during the AAAE annual conference.

“Huge kudos to KSA’s Aviation Services team as they were just awarded the prestigious AAAE Corporate Cup award this morning. This is an awesome honor for our firm that reflects well upon the leadership and client service that our Aviation Service group is so committed to,” said Mitch Fortner, President of KSA.

Each year, the AAAE recognizes outstanding firms who have made recent, significant contributions to the AAAE and the airport industry as a whole. While the award has been distributed since 1989, it was in 2014 that the organization began to recognize one firm in each size category of small, medium, and large. As winners of the medium enterprise category, KSA is honored to be in such well-respected company.

Luis Elguezabal—Airport Director of the San Angelo Regional Airport, and Mitch Sprunger, the Deputy Airport Director—nominated KSA for this esteemed award. “I am very pleased to have KSA as the recipient of the Corporate Cup award in 2017,” Luis said with pep in his voice. “They deserve it.” Since opening an office in San Angelo in 2010 to better serve the airport, KSA has touched just about every aspect of the airport, both airside and landside.

“There’s a lot of synergy between us and KSA,” Mitch Sprunger chimed in. “Craig, David, and Molly have a friendly, personalized approach that I’ve honestly never experienced before.” Mitch is speaking of Craig Phipps, Director of KSA’s Aviation Services group; David Alexander, KSA’s Regional Manager and primary contact for the San Angelo Regional Airport; and Molly Waller, KSA’s Manager of Planning and Business Development. This triumvirate, along with many other members of KSA’s competent aviation group, has a reputation for showering their clients with constant communication, personalized attention, and a genuine concern for the success of the airports they work with. Once, during a casual commercial flight leaving from San Angelo Regional Airport, David noticed a crack in the pavement from his seat on the plane. After further inspection, David and his team developed a cost-saving maintenance solution. “If David hadn’t addressed that issue when he did, we’d have a multi-million dollar problem on our hands,” he concluded matter-of-factly.

“KSA has gone out of their way to assist us with things outside of the scope of normal planning and design services,” Luis bragged. “Molly took it upon herself to form a selection committee to help us select a consultant for our air service development marketing. KSA always seems to be working behind the scenes for our benefit. "

KSA has a 30+ year history providing engineering consulting services to airports. An impressive 35% of the firm’s annual work comes from airport planning and improvement projects. KSA has 30+ full time, 100% dedicated aviation professionals on staff that provide a full range of aviation specific capabilities, expertise, and contacts to meet client needs. With a wealth of project experience and a growing team of aviation professionals, KSA is poised to continue a tradition of providing excellent customer service and creative and economical project solutions.

The AAAE was founded in 1928 and is the largest professional organization for airport executives in the world. It represent 850 airports and thousands of airport management staff members at both general aviation and commercial airports. Among its members are a host of aviation industry decision-makers and supporters. The organization offers a wide array of services for professional development, accreditation, and networking.