KSA's Mission

Thursday, November 29, 2018

KSA’s Mission

Our firm, KSA, has been on a big exciting adventure over the last year.  You might think of it more as a journey.  We felt that during our 40th anniversary there was no better time to take a look at where we are and where we are headed.  We launched a planning process that would ultimately involve a critical assessment of our firm and provide a roadmap for our future success.  We listened to every employee and many of our clients for critical feedback. We involved our employees in defining KSA’s culture and core values.  We took a hard look at the competitive landscape and what we have to offer our clients. We strategized as a team and ultimately developed a solid roadmap for who and what we want KSA to be.

I’ve previously spoken on this channel about our culture and our five core values, which include collaborative teamwork, commitment to excellence, mutual respect, consistent integrity, and being future focused.  Today I am thrilled to announce KSA’s mission to the public.  Our mission defines who we are, and as president, I could not be more pleased with the strategy that our planning team came up with.
KSA’s Mission – “We build people who build the future.”
I believe that when we are successful in living out our mission, KSA’s employees will be better trained and better mentored.  In addition, they will be better prepared to serve our clients. Ultimately, they will have career paths at KSA that challenge them, are fulfilling, and allow them to grow within our firm.  To put it simply, pouring training and mentoring into our employees at every level will result in more well-rounded people & professionals.
We aren’t where we want to be in the realization of our mission just yet, and yes, it is a bit aspirational.  But as we rolled out our mission, vision, and strategy to our employees in three regional meetings, I was amazed at the level of their approval and acceptance.  Our employees agree that this is a worthy purpose for our company and our leaders are prepared to execute to the fullest. 
Our AE industry is suffering from a lack of mid-level engineers.  Talk to any firm leader and they will most likely tell you that their number one concern is recruiting and retaining good employees.  With ultra-low unemployment projected to last into the foreseeable future, we are preparing to develop those entry and mid-level professionals the KSA way.  Our strategy is sound and our leaders are excited about making it happen.
I encourage you to join the discussion about KSA’s future.  Give us a call or shoot us an email if you have questions.  Who knows, you might be the perfect fit to be a part of the excitement that is building around KSA’s future. 
Mitchell L. Fortner, P.E.
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