Project Spotlight: FM 546 Road Relocation

Friday, August 11, 2017

FM 546 Road Relocation, ​McKinney, TX
When McKinney National Airport experienced a major growth spurt, KSA’s services were enlisted for a massive $47M runway replacement project. In order to extend the runway to the required length, FM 546 had to be rerouted to clear the path. This piece of the project was a small, but essential, slice of a much bigger pie.

KSA’s team of surveyors performed boundary surveys in addition to topographic surveys to determine the ownership of land that needed to be purchased for the installation of the new state road. The relocated section of FM 546 is a 2-lane, 32-foot wide, 1.4-mile curved road that intersects with County Road 317 in the middle, and ties to the existing FM 546 road at both ends; which was a challenging horizontal alignment to design. During construction, flaggers were employed at these intersections to stop and redirect vehicles to guide the flow of traffic.

The pavement was designed specifically for the geographical make-up of the area and consists of eight inches of continuously reinforced concrete pavement on top of four inches of type B hot mix and 28 inches of lime-stabilized sub-grade. The new road crossed the natural drainage outfall at the downstream end of the airport, so the design team implemented culverts to allow water to pass through. The culvert had to be sized carefully to make sure water flowed freely from the airport to prevent flooding on the extended runway.
Because of the large scope of the entire project, KSA coordinated seamlessly not only with TxDOT Highways, but also TxDOT Aviation, McKinney National Airport, the City of McKinney, Collin County officials as well as the FAA. The roadway design team was accessible to talk through issues and provide regular status updates. This project was under budget, prompt and contributed to the successful completion of McKinney National Airport’s flagship project.

Services Provided
Civil Engineering
Public Involvement
Right of Way Acquisition Coordination
Construction Administration

KSA Contacts
Mitch Fortner, P.E., Principal in Charge
Chris Barry, P.E., Project Manager


Cost: $3.5M
Start: May 2010
End: November 2012

Project Size
32-feet wide, 1.4-miles long, two-lane roadway