Project Spotlight: Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport Box Hangar

Friday, October 6, 2017

Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport Box Hangar, Angleton, TX
To create more aircraft storage at Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport, KSA was hired to design the site plan for a new hangar. Located south of the terminal building next to an apron, construction of the 12,000 square-foot hangar was funded by Brazoria County and a TxDOT Aviation grant. The design scope included coordinating water service from the existing airport system and connecting gravity sanitary sewer service to the existing line for the terminal building. KSA also designed automobile parking, an access driveway, sidewalks, site grading, erosion control, and drainage improvements.

Before beginning design on the project, KSA reviewed both the geotechnical report and topographic survey to determine the potential impact each would have on design. Site drainage was a critical aspect of both design and construction. According to FAA requirements, the transition pavement from the apron to the hangar had to be within a maximum slope. The required pavement slopes made it necessary to use minimum slopes on the pipes and ditches to enable adequate water flow on and around the site. During construction, an issue arose related to the availability of a required trench drain. To remedy this problem, a trench drain was constructed in the transition pavement – a cost effective and innovative design solution that facilitated a necessary drainage passage from the project site.

As the current engineer of record, KSA was honored to work with the Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport, once again, to complete the box hangar before it was due to be occupied.

Services Provided
Civil Engineering

KSA Contact
Craig Phipps, P.E., Principal-in-Charge
Philip Huseman, P.E., Project Manager

IAD Architects

Start: Nov 2013
End: May 2015

Cost: $ 1M
Start: Feb 2016
End: Sept 2015

Project Size
100 foot by 120 foot box hangar