The following is a summary of the current bidding opportunities on projects designed by KSA.  Our firm distributes plans, specifications, and other bidding documents electronically and you are encouraged to click on the project number below to obtain more information on a project or to download bidding documents at no charge.

Client Namesort descending Title Bid Date Project
East Texas Regional Airport

Southwest GA Taxline-Phase I

07.25.2018 GC.107
City of Clifton

2017-2018  TxCDBG Water Meter System

08.31.2018 CLF.028
City of Coolidge

2017-2018 TxCDBG Water Distributions Systems Improvements

08.30.2018 CG.019
City of Crockett

Sewer Line and Manhole Rehabilitation

09.27.2018 CT.059
City of Gatesville

 2017-2018 TxCDBG Solar Panel System @ WWTP

08.20.2018 GAT.008
City of Hubbard

Reverse Osmosis System Pressure Vessel and Membrane Replacement

08.21.2018 HUB.012.004
City of Kosse

2016 Community Enhancement Fund

09.6.2018 KSE.004
City of Longview

Whatley Road Lift Station Force Main Improvements and Evergreen Street Sewer Line Replacement

09.4.2018 LV.335
City of Marquez

2017-2018 TxCDBG Water System Improvements

08.16.2018 MR.016
City of Palestine

Automated Meter Reading System

08.13.2018 PA.045
City of Rockdale

San Gabriel Street Improvements and Rice Street Water Line Improvements

08.17.2018 RD.042
City of Rockdale

2017-2018 TxCDBG WTP Filtration Unit

09.6.2018 RD.043
City of Ruston, LA

Runway and Taxiways Pavement Rehabilitation

09.11.2018 RUS.005
City of Savoy

Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

09.6.2018 SVY.004
East Cedar Creek FWSD

2017-2018 Bond Projects-East Side Elevated Storage Tank

08.28.2018 ECF.031
East Cedar Creek FWSD

2017-2018 Bond Projects - BWTP RWPS Improvements

08.28.2018 ECF.033
Fairfield Economic Development Corporation

Industrial Park South Improvements

08.30.2018 FIDC.009
Holly Springs Water Supply Corporation

REBID – Automated Meter Reading System

09.4.2018 HSWS.002AMR
Prairie Hill WSC

Arsenic Removal Facility

08.22.2018 PHW.003
Tyler Pounds Regional Airport

Taxiway Charlie/Foxtrot Rehabilitation

07.24.2018 TYL.374
Tyler Pounds Regional Airport

ILS Relocation

09.13.2018 TYL.366
Village of Ida

Water System Improvements (FY2016-2017 LCDBG) Ground Storage Tank

08.28.2018 E1404.001
Village of Ida

 Water System Improvements (FY2016-2017 LCDBG) Water Main

08.28.2018 E1404.003
Village of Ida

Water System Improvements (FY2016-2017 LCDBG) Water Well

08.28.2018 E1404.002