Chennault International Airport Alternative Landing Surface Quality Control Review (Phases 1 -3)

KSA’s services were engaged to perform a pavement evaluation of the main runway at Chennault International Airport – Runway 15-33. After the evaluation was conducted, several pavement deficiencies were identified and we were subsequently enlisted to design major repairs to Runway 15-33. Because repairs to the airport’s main runway would put an unbearable strain on operations, the airport enlisted the help of another firm to repair, widen and strengthen the parallel taxiway to use as an alternative landing surface while Runway 15-33 is under construction.

Due to funding, the construction of these taxiway repairs was broken up into three separate construction efforts bid out over the course of three years (2013, 2014 and 2015). The airport, however, was concerned about the level of detail included in the project documents provided by the other design firm. Because of these concerns, KSA was asked to provide a quality control review of each of the three projects. For three consecutive years, KSA was entrusted to evaluate the documents for compliance with FAA design criteria, assess the long-term maintenance practicality of the proposed improvements and check the details to ensure constructability. For each project, we identified areas that required design adjustments, including asphalt transitions and safety area grading among other issues. The design issues were communicated to the airport staff and the design team, then addressed and incorporated into the plan sets.

Services Provided
Civil Engineering

Key KSA Staff
Jonathan Farmer, P.E., Project Manager

Chennault International Airport