Denton Municipal Airport Runway & Taxiway Extension

The Denton Municipal Airport is located within the city limits of the City of Denton.

KSA Engineers, Inc. recognizes the importance of aviation in community planning and the impact of aviation development. After creating a comprehensive and realistic Master Plan in 2003, Denton Municipal Airport hired KSA to design all aspects of the projects, which include a full parallel taxiway, a taxiway lighting system, a corporate apron, hangar access taxiway reconstruction, and a new hangar access taxiway. The most current project is the completion of a 1,000-foot runway and parallel taxiway extension.

As the airport has grown, so has the need for additional runway length; the runway was extended to 7,000 feet in total pavement length. There was a complication in this project, however; the airport was bound on both north and south ends by significant creeks. In fact, the RSA at the south end had to be re-graded and a major retaining wall was constructed to meet RSA criteria. With the RSA limits right at the top of the creek banks, KSA also performed a floodway analysis to ensure there was no negative impact on the creek or downstream neighbors due to construction of the extension. In addition to the pavement, grading and drainage structures, the glideslope, MALSR, and localizer were relocated to correspond with the new runway thresholds.

The construction schedule was another component that dictated some aspects of the design for this project. The runway and taxiway extensions are currently under construction. The FAA has mandated that the full runway with approaches must be available to help accommodate air traffic for Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. In response to that, KSA developed a construction phasing plan in conjunction with the airport, TxDOT, and the FAA to meet these needs. After the Super Bowl traffic is gone, the total project construction will be completed.