East Texas Regional Airport

The FAA determined that the extended Runway Safety Area (RSA) for Runway 13 at the East Texas Regional Airport did not comply with the current design standards for RSA’s due to the encroachment of SH 322 into the RSA. KSA was selected to evaluate alternatives for modifications to the RSA to bring the RSA into compliance with current FAA design standards. The project was complicated by the fact that the relocation of SH 322 would have been extremely expensive and time consuming.

KSA evaluated a number of alternatives for the project including the displacement of the Runway 13 threshold and the use of an engineered materials arrestor system (EMAS). KSA also evaluated modifications to the glide slope which is located on the Runway 13 approach and the reconfiguration of Taxiway A in the vicinity of Runway 13.

The County, with approval from the FAA, decided to move forward with a project that included the following elements: Reconstruct/ reconfigure Taxiway “A”, Reconstruct, realign Taxiway “L”, Extend Taxiway “A” to Runway 17end, displace Runway 14 threshold 900 feet, relocate ILS glide slope and reconfigure MALSR.