East Texas Regional Airport Terminal Parking Lot Improvements

East Texas Regional Airport needed parking lot improvements — the airport’s pavement surfaces had deteriorated to the point of pavement failure. Officials at the airport knew that this project would not only enhance the life of this pavement, but also ultimately aid travelers by making the parking process easier and their journey to the terminal building safer.

Gregg County hired KSA Engineers, Inc. to reconfigure and reconstruct the existing terminal parking lot, rehabilitate the pavement along the entrance driveway, and construct a second parking lot. The plan expanded the existing lot during reconstruction, creating more parking spaces. The lighting and drainage conditions were improved in the existing parking area, as well. KSA also designed the seal coat of a third parking lot in front of the ARFF Station. The airport now boasts additional parking spaces and a more logical traffic pattern for motorists coming to and from the airport.

The parking lot was funded 95 percent by federal funds from the Federal Aviation Administration.