Limestone County Airport New Terminal Building

The Limestone County Airport makes a huge economic impact on the county, and that impact is bound to be even greater now that the new terminal building, a 2,200 square-foot facility, is operational. KSA Engineers, Inc. was hired by the City of Mexia to complete the design development, construction document, and the bidding phases of this project.

The terminal contains a conference room, a pilots’ lounge, a flight-planning room, and a weather-briefing room. In addition to the terminal, KSA designed a 1,000-foot extension to the airport’s runway, paving the way for the facility’s handling of corporate jet traffic.

The extended runway length is 5,001 feet. The extension was funded 90 percent with federal funds, while Limestone County, which has been highly supportive of the airport, paid 10 percent of the cost, with assistance from the Texas Department of Transportation.

In addition to the ever-increasing number of jets, the airport is home for many propeller planes which use the facility on a daily basis. The terminal is located south of Mexia just off Highway 14.