McKinney National Airport Replacement Runway

KSA Engineers, Inc. was hired by the City of McKinney to design a replacement runway at the McKinney National Airport. The project includes several major components:

  • Relocate FM546 to meet RSA requirements
  • Install new glideslope, MALSF, and localizer for RW 17 approach
  • Install new MALS for RW 35 approach
  • Construct stormwater detention facilities and major drainage structures to accommodate a 100-year storm event.
  • More than 1,000,000 yards of excavation and embankment
  • Security fencing

Due to funding schedules, construction has been broken into three separate projects: FM 546 relocation, grading and drainage, paving and electrical.

The first two projects are currently under construction, with the third construction project scheduled to begin in June 2011. The anticipated completion date of the $47 million project is December 2012.