Midlothian Runway and Taxiway Extension Project

Mid-Way Regional Airport is jointly owned and operated by the cities of Waxahachie and Midlothian. When officials at this busy airport, located just 30 minutes south of downtown Dallas, saw a need for improvement in order to accommodate larger aircraft, they called on KSA Engineers, Inc.

For this ongoing project to extend the runway and taxiway, KSA is providing professional engineering services in all phases.

The project began in December of 2009 and will be completed in Spring 2011. Upon completion of this project, the airport will boast a runway/taxiway extension of 1,500 feet. In addition, KSA has designed several other improvements to the airport, including:

  • Overlaying the existing runway, apron, and parallel and connecting taxiways
  • Widening the runway from 75 feet to 100 feet
  • Relocating the MIRLs, PAPIs, and REILs
  • Constructing a gravel access drive around the extension end of the airfield
  • Constructing a south taxiway run-up pad and an additional connecting taxiway