Mount Pleasant Regional Airport Runway & Taxiway Extension

When Mount Pleasant Municipal Airport saw a need to accommodate larger aircraft, they turned to KSA Engineers, Inc. to complete engineering services and construction administration during the design and construction phases of the project. Beginning in 2007, KSA designed several improvements for the airport, located just three miles south of downtown Mount Pleasant.

The runway & taxiway extension project consisted of a 1,000-foot extension of the general aviation runway. Extending the runway resulted in a few other projects, including:

  • Designing drainage structures for runway/taxiway extension and grading to improve airfield drainage
  • Protecting pavement by applying slurry seal on all existing paved areas
  • Relocating the PAPI and REILs on the extension end
  • Adding new MIRLs and MITLs for the extension pavements
  • Site grading for hangar development area