Sierra Blanca Regional Airport Runway 6-24 Mill and Overlay and Electrical Improvements Preliminary Engineering Report

The Sierra Blanca Regional Airport hired KSA to conduct an evaluation of Runway 6-24 in an effort to better determine the scope of project necessary for the desired improvements; with the ultimate deliverable being a preliminary engineering report (PER). For the process of producing the PER, a local geotechnical engineer will conduct an investigation to determine the current pavement conditions. Falling weight deflectometer (FWD) data will also be used to aid in the pavement evaluation, providing information on the stiffness or strength of the pavement structure. A survey team will also conduct a topographic survey, which will provide a detailed picture of existing conditions with both vertical and horizontal data.

A primary driver of the project is the current condition of the porous friction course (PFC) surface on Runway 6-24. The PFC surface has been releasing significant amounts of aggregate, causing a considerable foreign object debris (FOD) issue on the runway surface. This loose aggregate can damage propellers and jet turbines when pulled from the surface. Runway 6-24, its associated taxiway system and other airfield infrastructure will be evaluated according to current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Advisory Circulars (ACs), considering the anticipated needs of the airport in the future. All electrical systems associated with Runway 6-24 and its taxiway system will also be evaluated; those systems include current runway edge lights (MIRLs), guidance signage, series circuit, electrical vault and possible new taxiway lighting. Upgrades to high intensity runway edge lights (HIRLs) and the use of LEDs in lighting and signage will be analyzed as well.

Considering the needs of the airport, the PER will be generated using the data provided and evaluating it according to FAA ACs. The report will outline the findings, results, conclusions and proposed improvements along with an estimate of probable construction costs (EOPCC). This report will be used to justify funding for the proposed improvements to the airport, the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) Aviation Division and the FAA.

KSA Services Provided
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering

Key KSA Staff
Craig Phipps, P.E., Principal-in-Charge
David Alexander, P.E., Senior Project Manager
Dan Neelley, P.E., Project Manager
Leslie Shaw, P.E., Electrical Engineer
Cong Nguyen, P.E. Electrical Engineer

Sierra Blanca Regional Airport

Start: Sept 2016
End: Dec 2016

Project Size
Runway 6-24 (8,120 ft. x 100 ft.)
Associated Taxiways
Electrical system