Springhill Airport Pavement Rehabilitation

Since 1987, KSA has provided the City of Springhill with sound engineering designs. When pavements at Springhill Airport were in need of repair in 2014, the City of Springhill – once again – called on KSA for solutions.

Before design began, the design team met with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LaDOTD) and the City of Springhill to discuss funding possibilities, scope preferences and apply and secure a grant. This early coordination allowed the design team to prepare additional capital outside of Non-Primary Entitlement (NPE) funds to accomplish more of what the airport needed. Initially, the budget allotted for the rehabilitation of the runway only, but the design team’s early funding efforts made restoring the apron and taxiways possible as well.

To repair the airfield pavements, the existing cracks were cleaned and resealed, then a thermoplastic coal tar emulsion surface treatment was applied that will extend the life-cycle of the pavements another eight to ten years. After the application of surface treatment, all airfield pavements were restriped according to the FAA’s Standards for Airport Markings Advisory Circular.

The airport shut down for a mere month to expedite construction. The contractor worked swiftly to complete all airfield pavement improvements at once within that quick timeframe. The rapid construction schedule gave the team the ability to take advantage of an economical bid package that allowed the project to finish on-time and under budget.

Services Provided
Civil Engineering
Construction Administration

KSA Contact
Jonathan Farmer, P.E., Project Manager
Mitch Fortner, P.E., Principal-in-Charge
Richard Hall, Senior Resident Project Representative

City of Springhill

Start: March 2014
End: July 2014

Cost: $393,540.98
Start: November 2015
End: December 2015

Project Size
4,200 ft x 75 ft runway and connecting taxiways
15,660 square-yard apron