Tyler Pounds Regional Airport

For more than 20 years, KSA Engineers, Inc. has worked with the City of Tyler on a wide range of projects at the Tyler Pounds Regional Airport, including:

Runway 13 RSA Grading Improvements
The FAA determined that the existing Runway 13 RSA at Tyler Pounds Field did not meet the current design standards as directed by the FAA. KSA was contracted to evaluate and design the RSA grading to bring the proposed grade within the allowable limits. The existing perimeter access road and State Highway 64 right-of-way (ROW) posed a challenge to providing the appropriate RSA grades. KSA successfully designed the RSA improvements with minimal disruption to the perimeter road and facilitated the purchase of a small portion of the state ROW.

Runway 4-22 RSA Improvements
(Runway Extension and Pleasant Retreat Road Relocation) KSA was hired by the City of Tyler to design and oversee the improvements to Runway Safety Areas for Runway 4-22. Both ends of the existing Runway 4-22 did not meet FAA design standards for the cleared distance off the end of the Runway. The project included displacing Runway End 22 two hundred feet, extending Runway End 4 six hundred feet, the relocation of the FAA owned VASI, PAPI, and REIL’s, and the relocation of an existing county road.

Apron Rehabilitation & Perimeter Maintenance Road
KSA was hired to perform engineering services for design, bidding and construction administration of a perimeter road in three phases: Phase I from the former Airport Terminal Complex to the New Airport Terminal Complex Phase II from the former Airport Terminal Complex to the East GA Hangar Complex Phase III from the end of Phase II to the Tyler Turbine Hangar Complex

Runway 17-35 Overlay
This project encompassed basic engineering services for design, bidding and construction administration for a Runway 17-35 rehabilitation and overlay. It was funded through stimulus funding. The project included a structural overlay with large sections of reconstruction.

Other projects at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport include:

  • Taxiway Lighting System
  • Pavement Evaluation
  • Runway 4-22 & Taxiway “F” Rejuvenator
  • Taxiway Lighting System
  • ARFF Vehicle
  • Passenger Boarding Bridge
  • RVZ Clearing
  • Environmental Assessment for Runway 4-22
  • Security Gate Updates
  • Airport Development Project
  • Security Gate Improvements