Rockdale Police New Building

Rockdale Police New Building, Rockdale, TX
The project will include the new construction of an approximate 10,000 square foot new police station in the L-shaped parcel next to the Magic Wand Car Wash bound by US 79 to the north, San Gabriel St. to the east, E. Milam St. to the south, and Green St. to the west. The proposed construction within the 2.15 acre lot will consist of a building with driveways, a public parking lot, and a secure parking lot. This site was selected after the extensive evaluation of 15 potential sites within Rockdale, TX.

The new station will respond to the modern needs of Rockdale’s police department while respecting the history and existing buildings adjacent its historic downtown.  The new police facility will house the area’s 911 call center, a large community gathering /meeting space, private and collaborative offices, secure interview rooms, new locker and shower rooms, large segregated evidence storage, and a new temporary detainment area.  A covered porte cochere provides a secure drop-off and entry point for officers, and a fenced in motor pool provides a much needed security boost to the department.

Services Provided

KSA Contact
John Selmer, AIA, Principal-in-Charge
Brian Wyatt, AIA, Project Manager

City of Rockdale

Start: Nov 2016
End: July 2017

Cost: $3.1M
Start: Aug 2017
End: Aug 2018

Project Size
10,000 square feet