Aviation Planning

Reserve Airport Action Plan

This is the first airport planning study to be conducted for Reserve Airport.  This Action Plan includes an Airport Layout Plan (ALP) sheet that reflects current conditions, recent airport development projects as well as the results of this planning effort.

The purpose of the Reserve Airport Action Plan is to provide a means for documenting the current physical condition of the airport, identifying the City's short-term goals for the airport, addressing any design issues, anticipating possible growth scenarios, and proposing development to accommodate that growth.  Developing an action plan for Reserve Airport will also help retain the airport’s status in the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems.

The primary elements of the action plan are to:

  • Inventory existing facilities, recent development projects, and available aviation activity data.
  • Forecast aviation demand and determine any changes in the Airport Reference Code (ARC).
  • Determine the needs for airside and landside development of the airport such as runway dimensions, NAVAIDS, apron areas and tiedowns, hangars, auto parking and ground access. 
  • Address compatible land use needs, pavement maintenance needs, utility infrastructure improvements, and similar needs.
  • Identify and analyze airport development alternatives.
  • Prepare an Airport Layout Plan (ALP) based on the selection of a preferred development alternative.
  • Prepare a five-year Capital Improvement Program with project descriptions, cost estimates, and funding needs.
  • Coordinate with NMDOT Aviation Division and the FAA to ensure all applicable state and federal guidelines and design standards are satisfied.