Aviation Planning

Vickburg Tallulah Runway Extension Feasibility Study

This project consists of the preparation of a runway feasibility study to support the flight needs of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the based operator of a Gulfstream III. The Airport's runway length of 5,002-feet is adequate for smaller single-engine, multi-engine, and turboprop aircraft. The USACE desired for more runway length to accommodate overseas flights. Coordination with the USACE indicated that it performed 500 operations annually. To fully meet the departure and landing runway lengths of the Gulfstream III, a runway length of 6,900-feet would be required. Three alternatives were developed and included cost models.

Alternative 2, featuring a 1,000-foot runway extension at a cost of $8.1 million was selected based on the Gulfstream’s need, cost, and usage volume. FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5325-4B, Runway Length Requirements for Airport Design, was the FAA guidance document for runway length analyses at airports seeking federal funding assistance for runway improvement projects. A more recent FAA AC 150/5300-4C is used for the report.

Start Date
Dec 2013

Completion Date
May 2014