Disaster Recovery

Crockett Disaster Recovery

In 2008, Hurricanes Dolly and Ike hit Texas, causing considerable damage to infrastructure in Texas and surrounding areas. The storms caused excessive flooding as well as the failure of one of the City of Crockett’s water wells. This failure prevented the adequate flow of water to the city’s residents for an extended period of time. Various drainage structures and channels were also damaged and overwhelmed due to flooding and large quantities of debris, which caused the drainage system to fail to function as the primary storm water conveyance for the area.
Because of the flooding, emergency vehicle access was impeded so drainage infrastructure improvements were also needed to ensure proper storm water conveyance to reduce future flooding. Additionally, several shelter facilities failed to function due to power outages that caused a lack of lighting, adequate heating/cooling, and ventilation. Among those facilities were Crockett High School, two churches, and a senior citizens center. These failures threatened the public health, safety, and welfare of all served by these facilities.
Funded by the 2008 CDBG Disaster Recovery Supplemental Grant, KSA was hired to provide an adequately-sized generator to serve as a back-up power supply to operate the water well during future power outages. KSA also designed drainage and roadway improvements and cleared debris. New generators were provided for the United Methodist Church shelter, the First Baptist Church shelter, the Crockett High School shelter, and the senior citizens center shelter.