Disaster Recovery

Nacogdoches Emergency Power

After emergency power systems in and around Nacogdoches failed to function during Hurricane Ike, KSA was hired to design and install an efficient system. Emergency power systems were designed for the Public Works Center, five water wells, two water pump stations, six elevated storage water tanks, seven waste water lift stations and the waste water treatment plant.

The emergency power systems included emergency electrical power generators, generator engine fuel storage, automatic transfer switches, load shed controls, restart staging controls, and radio telemetry (SCADA) monitoring systems. Generators ranged in size from 25 kilo-watt to 1200 kilo-watt and totaled 5470 kilo-watt. Fuel systems included diesel and natural gas.

Load shed controls were also designed to provide flexible control of which equipment operated when powered by the site generator. Restart staging controls and load shed controls allowed optimum sizing of the generators, which resulted in emergency power systems being provided to additional facilities within the project funding limits. Radio telemetry systems were provided and integrated into the existing SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems to monitor generator status.