Disaster Recovery

Roadway Reconstruction

Infrastructure in Texas was hit hard after Hurricane Ike left destruction in its wake. Funded through the General Land Office (GLO) disaster recovery program, the City of Diboll hired KSA to reconstruct 3,000 linear feet of roadway along Hendrix Street. 
The street was designed using a standard pulva-mix construction technique. KSA blended the existing asphaltic surface with the new roadway section using the existing base/subgrade fortified with a chemical lime/fly ash treatment. To create a seamless effect, the entire street was then overlaid with three inches of Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) item 340 hot mix asphaltic concrete. The ditches were graded to promote optimal drainage and pavement edges were shouldered-up to prevent hard drop-offs at the pavement’s edge.
KSA has a long history with the City of Diboll that dates back to the 80s. Because of this trusted relationship, KSA was called on again engineer solutions that helped the city recover after a disaster.