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The Imperial Connector Trail

The Imperial Connector Trail, Sugar Land, TX
In alignment with their parks, recreation, and open space master plan, the City of Sugar Land hired KSA to design a hike and bike trail that would tie-in to a network of routes for pedestrians and bicyclists to utilize for exercise, recreation, and mobility. The city’s hike and bike trail master plan focused on linking portions of the city together as well as connecting neighborhoods to parks, schools, libraries, shopping, and other areas of interest.

Before design began, we meet with the City of Sugar Land’s Parks and Recreation division as well as their engineering department to coordinate the scope and facilitate input from both departments. The trail features an eight- to 10-feet wide concrete path that runs along Brooks Street from the south side of US Highway 90A to the east side of State Highway 6; it picks up again along Matlage Way from Brooks Street to Imperial Park and along Ulrich Guenther to US Highway 90A. The project included demolition, excavation, fill, bedding, compaction, storm water pollution prevention planning (SW3P), site restoration, traffic control, pavement striping, signage, and appurtenances. We coordinated the installation of handrails used to cross a bridge that extends over Brooks Lake. To adhere to the pedestrian and bicycle master plan, we also incorporated sharrow symbols to delineate street pavement space among bicycles and vehicles. The sharrow is a symbol on the pavement that alerts vehicle drivers to be aware of bicyclists that will be sharing the street with them. Additionally, the city asked that we bid out a set of trail plans from another engineering consultant and perform construction administrative services for the entire project. Being that KSA has an office in Sugar Land, we were ready and able to quickly respond to our client’s needs at the project site.

The Imperial Connector Trail is a project the residents of Sugar Land can be proud of. Not only is it consistent with their master planning efforts, it was also funded, in part, by bond monies Sugar Land residents supplied. We had their interests at heart when we redesigned a section of a sidewalk the residents deemed too close to the roots of historic neighborhood trees. KSA is the kind of firm that listens sincerely to the concerns of our clients, and then creates solutions that thoughtfully address those concerns.

KSA Services Provided
Civil Engineering
Construction Administration

Key KSA Staff
Joncie Young, P.E., Principal-in-Charge
Craig Phipps, P.E., Project Manager (Design)
Philip Huseman, P.E., Project Manager (Construction)

City of Sugar Land

Start: April 2009/Nov 2014
End: May 2015

Cost: $ 1M
Start: Aug 2015
End: April 2016

Project Size
9,700 linear feet