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Lake Tyler Whitehouse Dam Improvements

After over 65 years of use, the Whitehouse Dam had become porous and structurally unsound. The Dam Safety Unit of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) recommended a detailed study followed by corrective action after a recent inspection cycle. When KSA was asked to mitigate the porosity of the dam, the goal was to do that with as little impact to the surrounding area as possible. To accomplish this task, we employed a variety of traditional and innovative solutions.

KSA began the repair program by preparing a Preliminary Engineering Report and engaging specialists to conduct several tests that determined the deep soil mixing technique as the preferred repair method. Using a trenching machine modified specifically for this project, a mix of soil, cement and bentonite (SCB) materials was injected 50 to 75 feet directly into the existing dam to construct 3,100 linear feet of cutoff wall. This blend of materials provided the strength and impermeability to both structurally improve the dam and minimize water leakage through the vulnerable portions of the dam and embankment for many decades to come.

KSA was able to begin this remediation process quickly because of our legacy with the project, and existing relationships with the client, contractors and sub-consultants. These relationships, along with some creative problem solving, allowed KSA to get the job done right.


Civil Engineering
Construction Administration


Lynn Hitt, P.E. - Project Manager
Steve Caudle - Resident Project Representative


City of Tyler


Cost: $8.2M
Start: May 2014
End: June 2015
Size: 3,100 LF of SCB cut-off wall