Streets & Drainage

Selma Park Estates Subdivision Areas 5 & 6

KSA Engineers, Inc. was hired by the City of Selma to provide the civil design of improvements in the Selma Park Estates area (known as Area 5 and 6 including Old Austin Road), including bidding and construction phase services. Design of improvements consisted of streets, water, wastewater, storm sewer and stormwater detention facilities.

Area 5 consisted of reconstruction or new construction of streets and associated utilities for 11,140 feet of 27’ wide residential and collector road.

Area 6 consisted of design of 7,760 feet of streets and associated utilities.

Construction is commencing in phases: Phase 1 included a portion of Area 5 (including Old Austin Road). This phase included streets, storm sewer, culverts, drainage channels, and signage.