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Stacy Road

Because of a trusted relationship between KSA and the Town of Fairview, KSA was selected to design the reconstruction of a 1.5-mile stretch of east Stacy Road. At one time, Stacy Road was a country farm road in a developing part of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, built to withstand the weight of occasional rural traffic. Since then, the community has developed considerably with the arrival of residences, commercial and industrial facilities – and the associated traffic. The roadway was in dire need of a redesign that would support the heavily loaded trucks and residential traffic that frequented the path. 

The Stacy Road design project includes a 31-foot wide, 7,025-foot long, two-lane roadway with a dedicated bike lane and a serpentine hike trail. The robustpavement design consists of eight inches of 4,000 psi concrete on top of two inches of type C hot mix asphalt and six inches of lime stabilized sub-grade. This segment of Stacy Road utilizes an underground drainage system, accessed by inlets in the curb, which catches storm water and distributes it to natural outfalls with little to no impact to the surrounding area.

During design and pre-construction, KSA worked to identify and mitigate potential construction obstacles or delays. Special attention was also given to ensure the unobstructed flow of residential and emergency traffic during construction. To facilitate constructability, the team devised an intricate traffic control and temporary drainage plan. The flow of traffic was maintained during construction due to thoughtful project phasing and the construction of an 11-foot wide temporary access lane. Proper drainage was managed by beginning roadway construction on the downstream side and working up.


The project team used their collective engineering expertise to see the Stacy Road project as it should be seen: from the ground! The roadway design couldn’t just look good on the computer screen – it had to actually be buildable. This dynamic perspective allowed the team to provide the best possible solutions for each unique project challenge.


Civil Engineering
Landscape Architecture
Construction Administration


Michael Burns, P.E. - Principal in Charge
Chris Barry, P.E. - Project Manager
Raymond Hicks - Resident Project Representative


Town of Fairview


Cost: $3M
Start: May 2010
End: July 2011
Project Size
31-foot wide
7,025-foot long
Two-lane roadway