Streets & Drainage

Sugar Land East GA Complex - Phase 1

The development of the East GA Complex required crossing of an oxbow lake that is designated by the Corps of Engineers as a wetlands. Taxiway crossings via material disturbed over 10-acres of wetlands and required offsite mitigation of about 70-acres. Additionally, the existing subgrade materials were a mix of fat clays, silts and sands. The settlement and consolidation associated with the material would produce 1 to 2-feet of settlement of the taxiways. To resolve both problems, KSA designed two (2) bridge taxiways over the oxbow lake eliminating the issue associated with settlement and reducing wetlands disturbance to less than 1-acre. The wetlands mitigation project was runner-up in TxDOT’s Environmental Achievement Awards. Additionally, to meet local drainage requirements, KSA prepared an Airport Drainage Master Plan and designed a regional detention pond to address all future airport detention requirements.