Benton Sewer Improvements

KSA was hired by the Town of Benton, Louisiana, to repair and rehabilitate manholes; to clean designated areas of the sanitary sewer system; and perform point repairs. The improvements consisted of rehabilitating the existing collection system, including evaluating and rehabilitating approximately 30,500 linear feet of defective sewer main and 90 manholes. Collection systems were evaluated using visual methods on the manholes. To determine the location of leaks and main breaks, the sewer mains were evaluated by cleaning and viewing with a closed circuit television camera. The process for repairs on the mains was point repair. KSA dug a hole at the location of the leak and installed a short segment of new pipe. The method to correct the manholes deficiencies consisted of patching and lining the walls, raising the elevation, and sealing the manhole ring. Manhole cover inserts were added to each manhole to prevent inflow into the manhole from the top and around the ring.