Fairfield Mims Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

KSA Engineers, Inc. was hired by the City of Fairfield to complete all civil engineering for the project acting as Project Manager and Project Engineer, including: Preliminary Engineering Report, TPDES permit, environmental assessment, hydraulic profiles, treatment unit sizing, equipment selection / specification, construction oversight and O&M Manual.

This project involved construction of a new 1.5 MGD average annual flow wastewater treatment plant with 6 MGD peak 2-hour flow using the extended aeration mode including:

  • Mechanical climber-type screen and manual bar screens
  • Grit chambers (vortex type)
  • Lift station with 4 submersible pumps with VFD’s
  • 1 mile of 12” forcemain (2 each for redundancy)
  • Conversion of existing facultative and 1st stabilization pond to equalization basins
  • Influent splitter box and stormwater diversion box
  • Aeration basins (2 each)
  • Two clarifiers with algae sweeps and full radius scum arm
  • UV disinfection with automatic flow pace and self-cleaning wipers (2 channels, 4 banks)
  • Effluent meter with cascade aeration
  • Sludge pump station
  • Aerobic digester / sludge holding tank with floating aerator
  • Sludge drying beds with bypass to allow collection for land application
  • Administration and lab building
  • Electrical and generator
  • Site piping, grading, roads, fencing

This project was unique in that the 2nd stabilization pond was filled in to allow space to construct the mechanical treatment units as overall cost savings to the City. The project was funded by the Texas Water Development Board - Clean Water SRF program.