Airport Management Services

It's not easy to manage an airport.

Not only do you have to balance the needs of stakeholders, aviation staff and passengers, you also have to manage physical airfield conditions and maintain compliance with ever-changing state and federal regulations; not to mention taking advantage of funding opportunities and planning for the future of your airport. Small issues can become large issues fast.

At KSA, we understand that, and we’d like to help.

KSA offers a wide range of airport management services that can lighten your load. Our services include airfield operational compliance, pre-certification inspections, training and assessments. We can conduct observations and complete analysis of your airfield pavement. Then, we can use those findings to develop a comprehensive capital improvement program and even assist in the grant application process. Once funding is secured, our team of distinguished aviation engineers, pavement specialists, planners, designers, CAD technicians, GIS specialists, and project representatives can fully design and oversee the construction of your projects. It can be that easy.

Airfield Compliance Assessment
Emergency Services Evaluation
Comprehensive Airfield Inspection Training
Airfield Pavement Management
Airport Security Overview
Insurance and Liability Consultation
Capital Improvement Program Assistance
Website Consultation
Airport Marketing
Fuel Handling Assistance
Perimeter Risk Reviews
Revenue Generation Consultation
FAA Pre-Certification Inspections
Training Records Compliance Review
Aviation Lease Development Consultation
Grant Application Preparation Consultation
Program Management

To provide an added measure of protection, we can thoroughly review airport leases, facility conditions, and insurance requirements. We can be the extra set of eyes needed to keep your airport running smoothly.

Pavement maintenance is crucial. We are experts in pavement maintenance, rehabilitation, and reconstruction. We minimize operational impact during construction to the fullest extent practicable. We have a nationally recognized pavement expert on staff who provides recommendations that save not only money, but also time. Our knowledgeable team will keep the quality of your pavement high and your costs low. We have mastered both simple and highly technical airfield pavement programs.

What makes our planning process different than others? We place a strong focus on revenue generation opportunities and project constructability. As grant funds for airport development projects continue to decline, it is important that the planning process include an evaluation of the economic climate of the region. This allows for the identification of opportunities for revenue generation or rate structure changes.

Constructability goes beyond whether or not something can just be built. Our planning team uses their experience in obtaining project support from funding agencies to develop a solid and realistic capital improvement program. We also consult with our project engineers to identify design or layout changes that will reduce costs by considering factors like maximum utilization of local materials, drainage, utility availability, and terrain. We have a vested interest in the success of the airports we serve and the communities in which they are located.

We all know how critical navigational aids and airfield lighting are to overall airport safety and reliable service. KSA has skilled, highly trained engineers who expertly create well-designed NAVAID and lighting recommendations that meet the required standards and promote safe take-offs and landings. We purposefully hire aviation engineers and planners that are commercial flight rated pilots; which gives us a dynamic perspective that allows us to see projects from varying vantages.