Retail Development

We aren’t just another design firm. We want to be your partners in retail development. Way before our engineers and architects design a single square foot, KSA can be there to bridge the gap between the local government and economic growth. We have the connections and technical skills to guide you through the development process.

We consider it our job to know about retail development opportunities. This knowledge is cultivated through nurtured relationships with large and small retailers and their real estate developers. We are the link between space and opportunity, fostering mutually beneficial relationships that ultimately expand and improve communities.  This can help you identify gaps in the market, find land to build and tenants to occupy vacant buildings.

We are in the business of connecting the right people to facilitate flourishing communities.

KSA is the only design firm in Texas with two certified economic developers and a licensed commercial real estate broker on staff, primed to help you work through the governmental requirements, incentives and site selection processes. Our qualified engineering and surveying staff can investigate the potential site and its outlying factors to uncover its full potential. We work diligently under tight deadlines to develop an ideal plan for the space that can be quickly implemented.

KSA’s conceptual plans breathe life into your space. They are vibrant representations of the future that demonstrate how real the possibilities are. With conceptual plans, we can depict exactly how the project site should be laid out, being sure to account for the specific needs of each retailer. Because KSA has both engineers and architects on staff, our plans are a balanced blend of form and function – creative and constructible.

By conducting drainage studies and bringing in sub-surface infrastructure, we can prime the site to make it a more economically viable, “shovel-ready” option. Then when you’re ready, our team of engineers and architects can design a complete build-out of your vision.

Eric J. Davis, CCIM, CEcD | Development Services Manager

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