Urban Design

Good urban design creates a “sense of place” that engages all five senses to produce physical, emotional and aesthetically pleasing environments. Because we understand this, the results of our efforts are places that are enjoyable, beautiful and economically successful; places that add to quality of life experiences in an urban environment. At KSA, we conscientiously consider the natural environment in our urban planning and design approach. Nature provides critical ecological services that we emphasize and funnel through innovative solutions to enhance the built environment.

Creeks and their flood plains, for example, are natural corridors that provide flood management while also acting as an eye-catching amenity. Stream corridors are ideal for recreational trails, while also serving as a habitat for songbirds. Mixed-use developments, pedestrian ways, complete streets and streetscape improvements are all examples of urban design projects well within KSA’s scope of capabilities.

Mixed-use developments are at the heart of urban design. The intermingling of hotels, conference centers, entertainment facilities, offices, residences and retail establishments is what makes a community vibrant. In fact, successful mixed-use developments can be likened to a downtown of old that had all of society’s amenities in one place. Understanding how one space will affect another is critical to the design of mixed-use developments. Pedestrians must be able to comfortably walk to and from each attraction or destination; and their comfort can be heightened in multiple, artistic ways. As our society’s inclinations continue to trend toward environmental, physical and economic health, the need for walkability will increase. Carefully-planned, mixed-use developments are highly sought-after spaces to live, work and play.