Andrew Wertheimer, C.M.

Andrew Wertheimer, C.M.
Aviation Planner

Andrew Wertheimer is an accomplished Aviation Planner with a B.S. in Aviation Management from the University of Oklahoma and a Certified Member (C.M.) certification from AAAE. His experience as an Airport Operations Specialist at the Colorado Air and Space Port provided hands-on insights into general aviation operations. Currently, at KSA, Andrew plays a key role in creating master plans, notably impacting projects like the University of Oklahoma-Max Westheimer Airport Master Plan. He conducts studies on airport rates, wind analysis, and land use, utilizing Excel for efficient forecasting and tool creation. Andrew leads document production, collaborates with teams, communicates with clients, and ensures high-quality planning documents. His expertise extends to grant-related preparations and adherence to FAA standards, showcasing a comprehensive skill set in airport planning.


Andrew Wertheimer's career highlights his academic background, certifications, practical experience, and significant contributions to airport planning. With a focus on excellence and continuous improvement, he's become a valuable asset in the aviation industry, combining analytical prowess with hands-on insights to drive efficient and future-focused airport development.

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