Ground Water Storage Tank

Funding Assistance

We have helped our clients find money. Let’s face it: available funding often dictates between what could be, and what is. This is especially true with municipal projects. Community leaders are often limited because of a lack of funding. We are aware of these issues and have a solution. At KSA, we make it our duty to help our clients find sources of funding so they can pursue much-needed infrastructure projects, in many cases, at no local cost. First, we work with our clients to identify what work is needed. Then, we help them package their needs to present to state and federal agencies for financial assistance programs.


We work with grant consultants and provide them with the necessary technical information to support the grant application process. We have had tremendous success working with communities to secure competitive grants. It is important to us to stay abreast of ever-changing state and federal grant program rules and regulations. This gives us a competitive edge, and helps our clients score well and justify their projects to scoring committees.


We are happy to put the entire loan package together, working directly with individual municipalities. In Texas, for example, these are often State Revolving Fund (SRF) low interest loans for water and sewer improvements. In addition to helping our clients secure loans, we also help them secure loan forgiveness by participating in various loan forgiveness programs across the country.


By working with city financial advisors and providing them with technical engineering information, we help our clients secure bonds to fund needed projects in their communities.


We have helped our clients discover funding options within their own budgets. We have also put our clients in contact with our financial partners who can conduct rate studies to help them develop a plan to generate funds from their own revenue streams.