Tucker Hill Surveying

Surveying Overview

KSA has maintained a strong surveying tradition since we started in 1978. We provide surveying both as a stand-alone service and as an integral part of our engineering and planning projects. Our firm offers professional surveying services to the engineering, construction, and oil & gas industries.

Land surveying is a critical aspect of the oil and gas industry that must be done quickly with expert precision. We get that. We deploy our in-house crews to survey sites for wells and pipelines in a moment’s notice. Our crews are fast, professional and thorough. They stake proposed wells, pads, pipelines and work areas.

Perhaps most importantly, our office team will turn those carefully documented stakes into detailed sealed plats, permit drawings and/or construction alignment sheets promptly – usually within two to five days max.


Deciding where a well is drilled is a complicated process that involves multiple factors and entities. We will work with the appropriate parties to figure all that out and make sure your well is in a location approved by the appropriate governing agency. Our permit, surface use and unit plats are precise and help to facilitate the smooth allocation of funds. We also provide as-built surveying services that give an accurate depiction of how the well was drilled and its surroundings – a highly valuable maintenance and planning tool.


We will help you determine the best pipeline route to transfer oil, gas and other products and clearly stake the path for right-of-way purchase and construction. Our meticulous as-built surveys account for the precise location of every weld and joint of pipe used, which can save you time and resources should you need to locate your subsurface facility in the future. Our accurate as-built data can also aid tremendously with future tie-ins and pipeline crossings.


Other Services we provide within the oil & gas industry include:

  • Well locations
  • Unitization surveys
  • Pipeline surveys
  • As-built surveys
  • Plat & permit exhibits
  • Legal descriptions
  • Route planning & design
  • Construction staking
  • Full GPS capabilities

For more information, please e-mail us at: surveying@ksaeng.com