Leadership Prep School Architecture KSA

Surveying Leadership Prep School Frisco, Texas

Due to steady enrollment growth, Leadership Prep School (LPS) engaged KSA to survey and design a new building that would more adequately accommodate the school’s growing population of eager minds. The new, 71,210 square foot building will be two stories, teaching middle school students on the first floor, and high school students on the second floor. The facility will have 38 classrooms and a cafetorium with an adjoining stage area for musical productions and award ceremonies.

One of the first things that was completed for this project was a topographic survey with measurement accuracy down to the sub centimeter horizontally and vertically. A boundary survey was carefully completed to determine the legal property line boundaries that will house LPS. A conveyance plat recording the legal transfer of ownership for the land between the original leased space and their new facility was filed for record by KSA.

Project Manager
Chris Barry, P.E., PMP
Services Provided
Jeff Hudson, RPLS & Bobby Martin
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