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KSA crafts sound engineering designs that give our clients the practical solutions they need. We are a team of problem-solvers equipped with the tools necessary to cost effectively improve your airport. Our approach to aviation engineering and planning is holistic. We take on each project with future projects in mind, thereby ensuring our clients are always prepared for their next need or development opportunity.


Our staff has completed aviation projects for airports across the nation, ranging in size from small general aviation airports to medium hub commercial service airports. Our approach goes beyond applying Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) design standards. We believe every airport has a unique mission – whether that be meeting the needs of the recreational flying community, acting as an economic catalyst for the region, accommodating corporate aircraft, or providing access to a strong commercial service – our airport engineers and planners incorporate your mission into each and every assignment.

Listening to our clients needs is always the first step.
KSA's Aviation Relationships

Celebrating KSA's Client's "wins" is one of the most fulfilling parts of the work that we do everyday. 


We have solid relationships with state and federal aviation staff and understand their needs and expectations. This understanding has made us experts, not only with how to apply design standards and requirements, but also with how to smoothly maneuver a project through the funding and approval processes. We use our knowledge of grant procedures to ensure our projects meet operational performance and physical requirements, while maximizing state and federal aviation funding. Funding agencies want your airport to succeed.

We ensure they have all of the necessary information to approve your project and make it a reality. With one of the largest and most respected aviation design groups located in the FAA’s Southwest Region, our aviation engineers, pavement specialists, planners, designers, CAD technicians, GIS specialists and project representatives work on a diverse mix of aviation projects every single day. We will competently guide your project from start to completion.

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There’s something comforting about long-lasting relationships. KSA has nurtured numerous professional relationships that have endured for decades. We have become a part of their communities and invest in their livelihood. We provide solid, common sense engineering, planning solutions and excellent customer service, and they provide us with the pleasure of their repeated business. At a number of airports we have provided 20+ years of excellent project service. We stand with our clients at every turn, bringing them practical solutions as well as access to our large pool of aviation contacts.