Longview Texas Streets KSA

Municipal Services

Municipal work is the foundation of KSA. When wastewater treatment (as we know it today) was in its infancy, KSA was instrumental in helping Texas cities improve the way their wastewater was processed. We encouraged communities to take advantage of governmental funding made available through the Clean Water Act, and helped to purify the water in our lakes and streams.


Because of the success generated from our early wastewater work, we expanded naturally into other municipal service offerings. Today, KSA is an industry leader providing a broad range of consulting, management, engineering, architecture, planning, surveying and construction services for hundreds of cities, counties and water districts around the country.


Many of the relationships formed during our early years are still thriving to this day. There’s something satisfying about long-lasting relationships. KSA has nurtured many professional relationships that have endured for decades. We have become a part of the communities in which we work, and invest in their welfare. We provide solid, common sense engineering practices and excellent customer service, and they provide us with the pleasure of their repeated business. We’ve helped our clients change and grow to meet demand, and continue to walk beside them at every turn.


We have a team of engineers and architects, skilled and ready to become an extension of your city’s engineering staff. Our long-term history with municipalities provides us with a large pool of experiences to draw from. Despite the size of your community, we can advise you on the best options that add improved service, safety and convenience to your neighborhoods.

We understand that our clients have to work within tight deadlines and even tighter budgets. We help them navigate comfortably between their needs, budget and schedule to come up with solutions that improve the way their communities function.


We provide the type of service that will make you want to use our services again and again. We understand municipal leaders are busy, and infrastructure concerns may not always be at the top of their list. When KSA is hired for a job, we become the eyes and ears of your community’s infrastructure and public works. We'll help you manage those issues so you can focus your energy elsewhere. Unlike many of our competitors, we have a team of on-staff Resident Project Representatives (RPR) who provide daily oversight of each project and ensure quality work and conformance with contract requirements. We are devoted to improving the quality of life in your community.