John Reidy, P.E.

John Reidy, P.E.
Municipal Practice Director

John Reidy is a senior engineering director with thirty years of experience with a demonstrated ability to lead large-scale water/wastewater engineering projects, manage business operations, develop new business opportunities, and provide organizational leadership and vision. John represents KSA as the Director of Municipal Services. He oversees all civil, mechanical and electrical engineering services for community facilities such as water and wastewater treatment plants, street and drainage improvements and recreational facilities. He has a proven track record in developing and managing municipal markets, leading business development efforts and implementing clear business plans efficiently.


John is an active member of numerous professional associations and is a registered professional engineer in Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia and Massachusetts.  Most notably, John is an active participant in a C-Level Cohort Roundtable group where he contributes to, and benefits from, discussions centered on civil engineering and business leadership topics. He attended Villanova University obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and later received his Master of Science in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University.

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