Emergency Generators for Water Sites

Emergency Generators for Water Sites Selma, Texas

The City of Selma, Texas contracted with KSA to evaluate emergency power options at its water sites due to impacts of the winter storm of February 2021 that caused state-wide power outages and exposed municipal water systems to extreme cold.  This created emergency conditions including frozen and burst pipes, lack of water production and treatment, limited or no pumping capacity, and exhaustion of water storage.  The storm also created difficult working conditions at Selma’s central municipal buildings. 

KSA reviewed the existing critical infrastructure, calculated emergency power requirements, and recommended upgrades to existing emergency power systems, in order to secure the City’s water supply and maintain normal operation of the City government during prolonged power outages. It was determined that emergency power was required at the City’s Water Sites #1 and #2. The City selected diesel powered generators and request the ability for the generators to run a full week without requiring a diesel delivery.  KSA designed additional fuel storage with transfer pumps for a hybrid function that allowed for “self-serve” to the City’s diesel vehicles and provided generator fuel supply.  A 200kW generator was installed at site 1 and a 750kW generator was installed at site 2.

Project Manager
Grayson Cox, P.E.
Project Owner
Selma, Texas