KSA Aviation Planning

Aviation Planning


Planning projects require close coordination with the client, FAA, local stakeholders, and the flying public. Specifically, we have completed the following:

Feasibility Study
Pavement Rehabilitation and Construction
ATCT and Terminal Building Projects
Master Plans
Apron Gate Planning
Airport Layout Planning
Site Development and Access
Safety Area Improvements
Drainage Improvements
Security Fencing and Controls
Fuel Farms
Terminal and Airside
Environmental Assessments
Airport Master Plans

Hangar Development
GIS Implementation
Airport Runway, Taxiway, and Apron Geometry 
Environmental Studies
Airfield Electrical Systems and NAVAIDS
Pavement Management Plans
Terminal Area and Land Use Plans
Capital Improvement Programs (CIP)
Airport Layout Plan (ALP)
FAA Part 107 (UAS) Drone Services
Categorical Exclusions (CATEX)
Airport Business Planning
Site Planning
Strategic Planning/Site Planning/Special Studies

KSA planners are experienced airport professionals. But more than that, we are pilots, aviation enthusiasts, and we love what we do.


Our aviation planning services epitomize a comprehensive approach, blending expertise, innovation, and client-centricity. With a deep understanding of industry dynamics, we offer tailored solutions to optimize airport infrastructure, for both corporate and commercial airports. From feasibility studies to master planning and environmental assessments, our team leverages cutting-edge technology and strategic insights to deliver sustainable, resilient, and future-ready aviation solutions. Whether enhancing existing facilities or pioneering new developments, we are future-focused and dedicated to our clients with forward-thinking strategies that result in connectivity, economic growth, and community well-being.

Master Plans and Other Airport Planning Projects

Experience By Assignment Type

KSA has over four decades of experience as a regional leader in airport facilities design, construction inspection, architecture, planning and, environmental programs. We have intentionally focused on this segment of the market due to their unique needs and requirements.

Experience By Assignment Type
Experience By Assignment Type

Our nine regional offices provide full-service consulting support to our airport clients. We have completed over a thousand projects at hundreds of aviation facilities including Commercial Service, Reliever, and General Aviation airports. This experience forged our team into subject matter experts with a tradition of excellent customer service and long lasting relationships.

Experience by Assignment Type
Runway Construction/Rehabilitation: 220 Taxiway & Apron Construction/Rehabilitation Projects: 286 Airfield Electrical, Lighting & Signage: 79
Drainage & Stormwater: 99 Visual Aides/Navigation Aides: 10 Access Road/Landscape Improvements: 149
Fencing & Security: 59 Hangar Planning & Development: 170 Facility Design/Renovation/Rehabilitation: 21
Airport Planning: 205 Fuel Farm: 22 SPCC/SWPPP: 77
Aviation Master Plan: 50 Air Traffic Control Towers: 4

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

At KSA, providing our clients with innovative, cutting edge services is a top priority. Employing the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) allows our team to provide services to our clients that might otherwise be uneconomical or ineffective. These services, in coordination with our planning, environmental, and engineering efforts include:

Master Plan Inventory Analysis
Aerial Mapping of Project Sites
3D Rendering and Analysis
Pavement Inspection

Runway Maintenance Inspection
Aerial Construction and Project Updates
Abbreviated Site Visits and Airport Impacts/Closures
Environmental Survey and Imaging

Aviation Planing