Logan Hutto, C.M.

Logan Hutto
Aviation Planner

Logan Hutto, C.M., is a skillful and technical planner and serves as KSA's in-house Part 107 drone pilot. Logan produces supporting exhibits and focuses on technical analysis documentation. Logan is known for his knowledge in niche markets such as UAM/AAM integration and brings a unique experience to the team from his previous experiences with a career in Aviation GPS, ADS-B, and evolving technologies. Logan has experience working in an ever-changing industry and understands the pace that must be met to meet the demands of future development opportunities. Logan strives to use his knowledge of advancing technologies to create a safer National Airspace System, one airport at a time. He brings extensive expertise in Airport Layout Plans (ALPs) and Airport Master Plans, cultivated through years of experience in the aviation industry. Logan possesses a keen understanding of regulatory requirements and industry best practices. Every project that Logan is a part of is executed with precision, efficiency, and a commitment to excellence.


Logan achieved his C.M. designation from the American Association of Airport Executives in January 2022, complementing his academic credentials which include a Master of Science in Aviation and Space, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Administration and Operations with a focus on Aviation Management, both earned from Oklahoma State University. Throughout his career, he has worked at airports throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, including Fort-Worth Spinks, TSTC Waco, Cherokee County, Angelina County, Maverick County, Granbury Regional Airport, Durant Municipal and Beauregard Regional Airport.

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