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School Design/Development

Thoughtful Design

For example, acoustic walls keep classrooms quiet and help to prevent neighboring classrooms from disrupting each other. Controlling natural light using solar positioning and exterior devices can improve the technological functionality of digital audio/visual projectors and overall sight in the classroom. Instead of letting the chips fall where they may, we carefully consider these types of things while we design and craft spaces that are ideal places to teach, learn and develop.

Leadership Prep School Frisco Texas - KSA
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Safe and Sound

Developing minds are one of the earth’s most precious commodities. Keeping students safe is an area of growing concern in school systems across America and abroad. We have mastered the fine art of designing safe learning environments that limit access points, without feeling restrictive.

Leadership Prep School Frisco Texas - KSA
Leadership Prep School Frisco Texas - KSA

Leadership Prep School in Frisco, Texas was designed by KSA's Architectural Team.