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Aviation Planning

KSA’s airport planners are not engineers. They operate independently from our airport engineers and plan projects that are necessary for the future viability and sustainability of an airport. We do not plan to engineer, we plan for the future of an airport, a community, and an industry. Our planning staff is passionate about airport planning and we have dedicated our careers to helping airports visualize their future needs.

Airport Planning KSA

Airport Planning in Action. Michael Mallonee, Michael Mitchell and Dallas Wendling in McKinney, Texas

What makes our planning process different than others? We place a strong focus on revenue generation opportunities and project constructability. This is what sets us apart. As grant funds for airport development projects continue to decline, it is important the planning process include an evaluation of the economic climate of the region. This allows for the identification of opportunities for revenue generation or rate structure changes.

Constructability goes beyond whether or not something can just be built. Our planning team uses their experience in obtaining project support from funding agencies to develop a solid and realistic capital improvement program. We also consult with our project engineers to identify design or layout changes that will reduce costs by considering factors like drainage, utility availability, and terrain.

We have a vested interest in the success of the airports we serve and the communities in which they are located.

KSA Webinar "What's Next Orville"

A video presentation about the future of Aviation from a planning perspective. 

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Featuring: Peter Van Pelt, National Aviation Director and Michael Mallonee, Regional Manager of Aviation Planning

Master Planning

We are experts at helping airports devise a realistic and relevant plan. Airport master plans provide a 20-year vision for an airport. When used correctly, a master plan is a powerful tool that can simplify the implementation of essential airport improvements and become a catalyst for the success of the airport system as a whole. Undertaking a master planning process will ensure that development at your airport progresses in a logical and feasible manner. Proper planning is often the first step in obtaining funding support for airport improvements.

Airport Layout Plans (ALP)

An airport’s layout plan is one of its most important documents. It not only depicts existing airport facilities, but future facilities as well. Before a project can be considered for funding assistance, it must be depicted on the ALP. ALPs are one of the few items the FAA reviews and approves from both a land and airspace perspective. We can help you create and maintain this important document to facilitate growth and convenience at your airport.

Terminal Area Plans, Business Plans, and Economic Development Plans

The KSA planning team can skillfully prepare studies that complement or supplement master planning reports like terminal area, business, and economic development plans. Terminal area plans focus on the responsible growth of your airport’s landside environment and are often needed after land acquisition, or as a result of a community’s changing economic environment. Business plans are often created before the master planning process to provide your airport with a suitable means of considering its external influences. Economic development plans assess your airport’s external influences in order to identify ways the airport can assist with the goals and objectives of the community as a whole.

Environment Planning

Prior to obtaining governmental approvals or funding for a project, an environmental evaluation of the project’s impact is often required. When funding assistance is not needed, this evaluation can be relatively simple and the process can proceed rather quickly. When airport funding assistance is needed, however, the environmental process can become more burdensome as it will include a project justification component. KSA experts can guide you through these processes with ease to ensure your project is properly evaluated and justified in a timely fashion.

Aviation Action Plans

Action Plans are a great supplement to more comprehensive studies such as master plans or development plans. An airport action plan is designed to provide an efficient and cost effective view of short-term airport needs and vary in level of detail and complexity. Each action plan is tailored to specific airport needs ensuring the elements address immediate challenges including development needs, demand forecasts, and capital improvement projects.

Often action plans are necessitated by economic changes and the need to develop a short term capital improvement program.

Airport Planning Map
Airport Master Plans Map

KSA's Planning Experience


We take great pride in our airport master plan projects and feel each is a unique opportunity to provide a solid foundation for the future. KSA realizes that each airport is different and that every airport master plan requires a different set of parameters while still being prepared in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Circular 150/5070-6B, Airport Master Plans.

Our project experience includes the following:

  • Airport Master Plans
  • Airport Business Plans
  • Airport Action and Development Plans
  • Airspace Analysis and Site Evaluation
  • Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Development
  • Terminal Area Plans
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Airport NAVAID (ILS) Relocation Studies
  • Noise and Land Use Capability
  • Project Feasibility and Justification