Peter Van Pelt, A.A.E.

Peter Van Pelt National Aviation Director
National Aviation Director

Peter Van Pelt brings decades of airport experience to the clients he serves. Peter has managed seven airports in his 21-year management career from the largest of large and to the smallest of small. Peter’s experience includes managing Stillwater Regional and Grand Lake Regional Airports during his management tenure. He has managed and/or provided senior technical leadership for over 50 airport planning programs since 2001. His areas of expertise include airport planning, airport development, operations and management, public outreach and regulatory compliance. Peter has been involved in virtually every aspect of the airport business and has experienced many firsts in the business, including as the Founding President of the Oklahoma Airport Operators Association and Co-Founder of the SCC/AAAE Accreditation Academy.

Peter excels at helping people achieve and use his experiences to teach and assist others find their path. He provides senior support to our airport planning assignments and delivers strategic and organizational leadership with a focus on satisfaction and going beyond client expectations.

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