KSA Airport Terminal Project



Aviation structures are as wide-ranging as the communities they serve. Each building has its own set of requirements. Terminals, for example, have to grant both landside and airside access and be large enough to comfortably accommodate the flow of travelers, cargo and airport staff and equipment. Hangars must be suitably sized to house specific aircrafts and built to meet the demand at your airport.  KSA’s aviation team has vast experience with each and every type of structure located at your airport. Each day we are consulted regarding the location, cost and need for landside airport structures around the country. 

San Angelo, Texas Airport Terminal
 San Angelo Regional Airport Terminal Building Renovation

KSA provided Civil Site Work services for the San Angelo, Texas Regional Airport Terminal. 


Airport parking is an integral means of support to the airport system. It can provide a revenue source and contribute heavily to the overall impression of the airport. Because they are constantly in use, great care must be taken to ensure the parking area is functional even during repair and maintenance. When designing parking systems for airports, we understand the importance of considering the parking demand as well as the ideal geographic location to facilitate optimal flow to and from your airport.


Fencing is essential for the safety and security of facilities and operations at your airport. When designed and installed properly, fencing can reduce the need for ongoing maintenance and diminish the presence of unwanted intruders like burrowing animals – even humans. Each category of intruder requires a specific solution. Utilizing a wildlife hazard assessment, we can help identify the type of intruder prevalent near your airport and design a custom fence to safeguard the airport.