San Angelo Regional Airport Terminal Building Renovation

San Angelo Regional Airport Terminal Building Renovation

San Angelo, TX
KSA was tasked with preparing plans and specifications to design a $6.2M-remodel of the terminal building, which includes an upgrade to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) area and creating efficient movement to and from the parking lot and terminal facilities.

We prepared civil site designs for the terminal renovation. Key tasks included relocating a major water line behind the terminal. The water line relocation was designed to accommodate additional terminal square footage while avoiding the baggage service area. The water line system captured roof drainage and conveyed runoff through a piping system to an underground storm drainage system; rather than allowing it to sheet flow to the street.

In addition, KSA designed a dumpster facility, including pads, gates, and bollards. The design also featured a “star” entry piece that welcomes visitors and compliments the interior design. We also incorporated the city’s wayfinding plan into the airport signage plan to maintain continuity throughout the community. KSA was the first design firm to use the city’s regional scheme in its design. We designed and installed ADA-compliant ramps and sidewalks. San Angelo Regional Airport, also known as Mathis Field, operated from a terminal building that was constructed in the 1950s and a concourse that opened in 2008. The new concourse provides a more modern experience for passengers and reflects the identity selected by the airport and its stakeholders.

To match the modern feel of the concourse, the terminal design was given an open layout that allows passengers and visitors to walk in the front doors and see through the building into the concourse. The airline counters were relocated 90 degrees to further open the main terminal area and provide more efficient movement and visual orientation of passengers from the main terminal to the ticket counter to security check-point; which was enlarged to provide sufficient space for existing and future screening equipment. The passenger side of the check-point was enclosed in glass to enhance security and increase visibility of the screening process. New baggage belts were installed to convey luggage from the airline counters through security to the airline baggage carts. The baggage claim device required only modest updates and repairs.

The new terminal building matches the look and feel of the concourse and improves the passenger experience. KSA delivered a modern facility that will provide a pleasant and efficient travel experience to patrons.

San Angelo Regional Airport
Craig Phipps, P.E.
$6.2 Million
Services Provided
Civil Engineering, Construction Administration
Project Size
33,000 SF