Chennault International Airport Master Plan KSA

Chennault International Airport Master Plan

Planning at Chennault International Airport (CWF) is unlike planning at any other general aviation (GA) airport because CWF is more than an airport it is an economic engine fueled by aviation and non-aviation enterprises and opportunities on the airport. The airport master plan at Chennault International Airport is not a traditional “demand based” master plan identifying airport development projects which are undertaken as aircraft operations increase. The master plan considers short and long-term opportunities for business and economic development for the community and region, both inside and outside the aviation industry.

As part of the master planning process a series of SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats) workshops were conducted to obtain input from local business leaders, state and local economic development agencies, local government, and tenants regarding their impressions of CWF. These workshops were translated into an economic plan which identified target industries for the airport.

The final master plan document will consist of the traditional master planning components – inventory, forecasts, facility requirements, alternatives, and recommended development concepts – along with a strategic planning initiative to guide the future development of the airport. The master planning process has resulted in partnerships and overall knowledge and understanding regarding the benefit that CWF provides the entire region.

Chennault International Airport, Lake Charles, Louisiana
Start Date
October 2014
Completion Date
June 2016
Project Cost